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Batch Kilns

A standard Batch Kilns are one of the most commonly used types of dryers in the wood industry, and still holds a dominant position on the wood drying market. The main reason is surely the suitability for drying of all kinds of timber and thicknesses in the relatively smaller initial costs. In the basic standard designs, we offer various types of equipment that are able to ensure the maximum quality of drying.

Type KAD – Batch Kilns loaded by Foklifttruck
Do you need to dry economically and efficiently?
With conventional KATRES batch kilns, type KAD, you can achieve the best quality of dried wood at the lowest possible cost and an early return on your investment.
By default, the loading of material is designed using frontal forklift truck from one side, but we can also offer a modified version of the Kiln with two-sided loading. In the basic line, we produce dryers volumes from 29 to 240 cubic meters for all kinds of European and exotic species. Design of our kilns is based on individual customer requirements, you can take it for granted.
Type KSR – Batch Kilns loaded by Wagon On Rails
Speed and flexibility in smaller volumes
Drying Kilns type KSR are characterized by high flexibility during the drying of smaller timber volumes and by very short loading and unloading times compared to the type of kilns loaded by frontal FLT. The timber lies lengthwise in the direction of the wood drying, the air blows upright to the direction of the loaded material. The capacity of wood dryers ranges from 4 to 160 m3. Both variants of loading are possible - passable and impassable Batch Kiln. Choose the one that suits you best, or both types can be combined.

Construction and Components of Batch Drying Kilns

All bearing parts, beams, roof holding structure and trusses are made of first class aluminium profiles, stainless steel construction on demand. We can guarantee the high protection of construction lifetime and protection against snow load. Drying kiln wall system meets the strictest thermal insulation criteria. Air circulation in kiln the is provided by efficient reversable axial fans with a diameter up to 1 600 mm (according to dryer type), which together with intelligent regulation of the speed flow of ECO-TRONIC brings significant savings of electric energy. Low thermal energy consumption can be achieved with the help of effective heat recovery unit. To ensure the quality of the final product assists the low- or high-pressure humidification system.

The whole process of wood drying is completely controlled by the automatic control system MK-520G+ with choice between preset drying programs or you can specify your own drying schedules adn additional parametres.

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