Individually prepared dryers according to the specific requirements of our customers.
They are intended for wood sawdust, wood chips, grains and similar agricultural products.

Belt Dryer for Sawdust and Woodchips – type KBD

There are many different materials that can be dried so that can be further processed and utilized. Some require specific handling in a drying process, others require tightly regulated parameters of humidity and temperature of the drying process, for others it is realistic to evaluate assuming minimal cost by using waste heat. Such drying parameters offer LOW TEMPERATURE belt dryer by KATRES.

Low-temperature belt drying add value to the products.
What makes a belt dryer an excellent investment opportunity, is its ability to maximize heat to dry various materials.
Materials to be processed in belt dryers:
  • materials with a high initial moisture content such as bark or wood chips for energy purposes
  • harvested grain and beet pulp for the production of feed
  • wood material for wood energy pellet
  • fruit, vegetable and other products for food purposes
  • the shredded plastic, municipal waste, including sewage sludge, which must be dried for their efficient combustion and environmental destruction

Control system of belt dryer

Belt drying device is designed for continuous operation. The drying conditions, however, may change depending on the input material moisture, temperature and environment humidity and also by fluctuations in the supply of thermal energy during the day. The control system continuously senses these changes and adjusts automatically according to them the progress of the drying mode. These processes do not require a permanent presence of the operator. The entire control system can be monitored and controlled through digital technology, using a desktop PC or mobile applications.

Catalogue - Belt Drying Kilns
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